We support your web project from start to finish, and beyond

No two expeditions are the same

As any good explorer knows, a successful expedition needs to be planned. It’s no different with your website – and this is what we do. Every customer and every problem is unique, and our approach respects that – we use a flexible toolkit of analysis and problem-solving techniques to tailor each project to your needs.

We work in close collaboration with our clients because it helps us explore deeper and makes all of us smarter. We carry these discoveries forward into our future work.

The expedition goals

We use our research and analysis tools to fathom the needs, expectations, and behaviours of your audience. We combine this with a systemic understanding of your business goals, market environment, and organisational capabilities to develop an experience strategy specific to you and audience. By doing this, we know where you want to get to, and what you’re looking for – the pearls!

Charting the course

Transforming great products and services into compelling experiences takes more than giving something a lick of paint or putting oil in the engine. We apply our know-how and understanding of what users want to create experiences that deliver real value for both you and your clients.

Focused on the expedition goals, our team members plan the content, structure and navigation. The results include things like a site map, representative personas and wire-frame prototypes – and together we test and refine these prototypes – and then we get on with actual build phase.

Putting the right equipment on board

Your web project will most probably use information, content and data that you already have, as well as new materials. You may well manage your existing information in your own way – things like content, financial information, customer data, events, tickets – you name it – and it may well be too drastic a step to change the way you do these.

Don’t worry – we talk to your technical staff and are adept at integrating the information you have with your web project. » Read more about how we do this

It’s safer to explore with us

They way we undertake our work – our attention to detail, fanatical belief in standards, research and planning, our collaborative approach and our know-how – means that we leave nothing to chance! We understand your business needs, research your clients’ goals, chart the course, and bring you on board for the journey.

Getting on board

We’ve been on many expeditions – we’ve created brochure sites, collaborative services, and large scale web applications for all sorts of clients in different sectors. If you’re interested, get in touch. If you’re not sure how to embark on a web project, we’ll explain the whole process before we set off – at no stage will we leave you adrift.